Project Description

The DF350A is our answer to demand for bigger and stronger outboard motors.

We have achieved 350PS with a compact and durable, naturally aspirated V6 engine and without relying on larger displacement or supercharger. To send cool air directly to the combustion chamber without warming the air, we have adopted the DIRECT INTAKE. In addition, it is equipped with SUZUKI DUAL LOUVER SYSTEM at the air intake to remove water from the air. Also, the implementation of the DUAL INJECTOR and redesign of the combustion chamber have also contributed to the achievement of 350PS.

To minimize the loss of power, we have implemented the SUZUKI DUAL PROP SYSTEM to achieve efficient thrust. At the same time, the SUZUKI DUAL PROP SYSTEM allowed a more compact gear case, contributing to minimal resistance under water.


Engine Type V6 – 55° DOHC 24-Valve
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection
Transom Height mm (in.) X: 635 (25) , XX: 762 (30)
Starting System Electric
Dry Weight kg (lbs.): X: 330 (727) , XX: 339 (747)
No. Of Cylinders 6
Piston Displacement cc (cu. in.) 4,390 (267.9)
Bore X Stroke Inches (mm) 98 (3.74) x 97 (3.82)
Maximum Output Kw (HP) / RPM 257.4 (350)
Operating Range (RPM) 5,700 – 6,300
Steering Remote
Oil Pan Capacity liters (U.S. / Imp qts.) 8.0 (8.5)
Ignition System Fully-transistorized
Alternator 12V 54A
Trim Method PowerTrim and Tilt
Gear Ratio 2.29:1
Gear Shift F-N-R (Drive-by-Wire)
Exhaust ThroughProp Hub Exhaust
Propeller Selection (Pitch)
All propellers are the 3-blade type
FRONT: 3×15 1/2×19.5-31.5
REAR: 3×15 1/2×19.5-31.5